Since 1979 we've been professionally stripping pine furniture, metal ware and garden furniture in a separate facility adjacent to our furniture workshop and showroom.


Furniture is striped by immersion in a tank of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) solution until the paint/varnish is dissolved and then jet washed to remove any traces of paint or chemicals with minimal damage to the wood.

Hardwoods such as oak and mahogany are not suited to the above process as it darkens the wood too much, we have a new system for this -  see below.

An important point about wood stripping.
Our stripping tank is heated to speed up the chemical process and we regularly change the chemicals. This means that the paint & varnish is removed quickly from your furniture so it's submerged for as short a time as possible - to reduce the chances of damage to glues, veneers and the wood grain. Typically the process takes 1-2 hours depending on the amount & type of paint.

New Stripping System Installed

As of July 2012 we've installed additional plant specifically for removal of polyeurothane varnishes from modern pine also acrylic paints which the traditional method of caustic soda won't break down. To remove these types of finishes used to be a laborious process of hand applying a Nitromoors type paint stripper then scraping off and repeating several times. Our new system allows furniture to be fully immersed in a non-waterbased solvent which removes even the toughest finishes without damage. This is also ideal for stripping hardwoods such as oak, elm and mahogany as the wood isn't darkened or chemically affected in any way. This system will also strip paint from metal so we can now restore garden furniture quickly. This system is good for antique furniture with water based glues which would be damaged by a caustic soda process.


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